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I would like to begin receiving payments electronically but have questions about Direct Deposit?

What are the advantages of Direct Deposit?

NO LONGER will you have to visit your financial institution to deposit your check. Why spend countless hours standing in lines or sitting at a drive through window when your check can be automatically deposited into your account. It goes into your account, no matter where you are. An average person will spend anywhere from 8.5 to 24 hours each year waiting in lines at financial institutions.

Another benefit of direct deposit is the ability to view your electronic notice of deposit online through VISTA. From there you would have the ability to print your enod, print to pdf, download into Quicken, Money, or save as an MS Word, Excel, QIF, OFX, CSV, Tabbed Delimited Text or XML document. These features can be made available to you upon request. You will have to contact YOUR payroll administrator to set this up with the Auditor's Office.

Online Sign Up for Electronic Notice of Deposits (eNODS)
Download Direct Deposit Forms!

What happens if there is a problem at my bank or if I change my bank?

For problems contact the ePayments Division. It will be researched and corrected immediately. When making a change in your account information please remember to complete a direct deposit authorization. All change requests must be received by our office at least six days prior to the pay date or it may not be processed until the following pay period.

I consider my personal banking to be confidential. Will this be compromised by direct deposit?

Absolutely not ! In fact, direct deposit is one of the most confidential methods of processing a check. Paper checks processed through traditional methods may pass through as many as twelve persons before reaching your account.

Direct deposit practically eliminates this problem. Check data is more secure since bank tellers and clerks do not see your check.

How safe is Direct Deposit?

With direct deposit your payment cannot be lost. Direct Deposit eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks. Nationally, over four million paper checks are lost or stolen each year.

Can I split my paycheck into more than one account?

YES! First, list your primary bank account. Next, list the other bank accounts and the amount(s) you want transferred each pay period. Attach a voided check or deposit slip.

What is the Payroll Primary Account?

The financial institution account you want to send your net pay to. If you have never been on direct deposit please circle, ADD. If you are on direct deposit and changing accounts please circle, CHANGE. If you would like to stop direct deposit completely please circle, CANCEL.

What is the Payroll Secondary Account?

The financial institution account(s) you want to send a set amount to each pay period. This can be up to four different accounts. Please note: The dollar amount must be the same for each pay period. If you are setting up a new account and not changing anything please circle, ADD. If you are changing the account or dollar amount please circle, CHANGE. If you would like to stop direct deposit completely please circle, CANCEL.

What is the Travel Primary Account?

The financial institution account you want to send your travel reimbursements to. If this payment has never gone direct deposit please circle, ADD. If you are receiving direct deposit for these payments and changing accounts please circle, CHANGE. If you would like to stop direct deposit completely please circle, CANCEL. Please note: Direct deposit for these payments cannot be cancelled if you are receiving direct deposit for payroll.

How do I change my email address or Sign In Information?

You can change your email address or Sign In information by signing into VISTA. Once you’re in VISTA click on the User Info link. Enter your new email address and click the Update button. Click the User Name or Password button to change this information.

What if I forget my Sign In information?

If you forget your Sign In information, simply click on the Forgot Password? link located under the Sign In button. To retrieve your Sign In information enter your Username or email address. Your Sign In information will be provided to you via email. If you are unable to retrieve this information, please contact the ePayments Division using Contact Us.

Who do I contact if I’m not receiving email notifications?

If you are not receiving email notifications, please contact the ePayments Division through our Contact Us.

When I click on a PDF form I get a blank page and/or an error message. What can I do?

Certain builds of Netscape, Internet Explorer and AOL do not properly display embedded PDF files, even if Acrobat Reader is installed. Instead they display a blank screen, an error message or a blank screen with a small document image in the upper left corner.

Examples of possible error messages:
  • "File does not begin with '%PDF-'"
  • "Error reading xref entry."
To get around this Adobe recommends configuring Acrobat as a helper not a plug-in. Here's how you do it: Enabling the Browser to Use Acrobat as a Helper Application To configure Acrobat or Acrobat Reader as a helper application:
  1. Exit from Netscape, Internet Explorer and/or AOL.
  2. Start Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  3. Choose Edit > Preferences > Internet (Acrobat 6.x or Acrobat Reader 6.x) or Choose Edit > Preferences > General (Acrobat 5.x or Acrobat Reader 5.x) or choose File > Preferences > General (Acrobat 4.x or Acrobat Reader 4.x).
  4. In the Options section, deselect Display PDF in Browser (Acrobat 6/5.x or Acrobat Reader 6/5.x) or deselect Web Browser Integration (Acrobat 4.x or Acrobat Reader 4.x).
  5. Click OK, and then exit from Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  6. Restart Netscape, Internet Explorer or AOL.

For more information about Direct Deposit you can visit: http://www.electronicpayments.org

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