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Local Government

Code §6-9-11 empowers the State Auditor as the Chief Inspector and Supervisor of local governments (i.e. Counties, Municipalities, School Boards, etc.). This authorizes the State Auditor to perform and/or require audits of these bodies, examine their affairs and refer matters for criminal prosecution.

State Government

W.Va. Code §12-4A-4 designates the State Auditor as the reporting agency for waste, fraud and abuse of state funds. Any citizen of this state may report this fraud to the Auditor for examination and enforcement.

Purchasing Card

Both State Government and Local Government utilize a purchasing card program administered by the State Auditor. Both programs are monitored and regulated by staff of the Auditor.


The State Auditor is the Commissioner of all state-level securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, profit sharing, investments, etc.). The office investigates claims of unlawful activity by those registered, or those who should be registered, to transact in this business.

Special Investigation