Purchasing Card Program

West Virginia State Government Purchasing Card Program

The West Virginia State Purchasing Card Program was implemented in 1996 when former State Auditor Glen B. Gainer III envisioned the need for a process that would create more accountability for purchases, improve relations with vendors and save the State millions through cost avoidance.

West Virginia Local Government Purchasing Card Program

Former State Auditor Glen B. Gainer III developed the Local Government Purchasing Card Program in to bring all local government entities into a single purchasing card program and replace the various card types existing today across county and municipal governments. Offering all local government entities the opportunity to be part of one single purchasing card program will allow them to achieve the highest possible rebate back to the local governments.

E-Travel Program

Former State Auditor Glen B. Gainer III partnered with TRX, Inc. in March of 2009 to develop an end-to-end electronic travel solution for all of State government and Higher Education Institutions. Employees of the State of West Virginia are able to book their flights, cars, and hotels, obtain authorization for their travel, add expenses and submit their expense reports all within the E-Travel System. The user interface is very user friendly, which saves state employees time and reduces travel spend. The new E-Travel System automates each agency’s polices, workflow and reporting.

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