State Government Purchasing Card Program


To assist in selecting the proper form, purchasing card forms are segregated into 2 groups. Forms used to submit or revise data sent to Citi are found in Group One. Forms relating to documentation required by the Purchasing Card Operations Section for general use of the card are found in Group Two.

All forms must be submitted to the Purchasing Card Operations Section for processing.

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Adobe PDF Program Coordinator Setup Form
Adobe PDF Cardholder Application
Adobe PDF Cardholder Maintenance Form
Adobe PDF Approving Official Setup
Adobe PDF Dispute Form
Adobe PDF Unauthorized Card Use Affidavit

Policies & Procedures

Policy - Effective July 1,1998, purchases of goods and approved services which do not exceed the transaction limit, may be paid for by using the State of West Virginia Purchasing Card. The Purchasing Card was established to provide a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for small dollar purchases.

Usage - The cardholder is obligated to follow all rules as stated in the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures. The purchasing card is for official state use only. Personal charges are not allowed.

Purchasing cards are issued to employees at the request of the Coordinator by delegated authority from the chief fiscal officer or department head. All transactions must be authorized by VISA. If a purchase exceeds the transaction limit, the transaction will be denied. Receipts and other transaction documentation are to be retained by the spending unit.

Each spending unit will determine how the purchasing cards will be used consistent with these policies and procedures. Each spending unit will develop guidelines for distribution to cardholders.

If an agency consistently does not follow the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures, the agency may be dropped from participation in the program.

Adobe PDF State Auditor's Office Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures Manual

( Revised - August 2014 )


Adobe PDF 3rd Party Payment Processor Agreement
Adobe PDF Tax Exemption Certificate
Adobe PDF Cardholder Agreement
Adobe PDF Hospitality
Adobe PDF Log Sheet
Adobe PDF Vendor Complaint Form
MS Excel Sample P-Card Travel Settlement Summary Form

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