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The Auditing Division provides a thorough and accurate payment system to ensure timely processing of all state vendor payments and employee non-travel reimbursements. The Auditing Division also provides assistance, via the Freedom of Information Act, to vendors and private citizens who may have questions concerning these payments.

 The Auditing Division is comprised of two sections:


Contract Audit is responsible for processing payments against contracts requiring encumbrance through the State Purchasing Division or West Virginia Code and approval by the Attorney General as to form. These contracts and any change orders thereto are reviewed for compliance with State Purchasing and Higher Education guidelines; as well as Attorney General’s approval, if applicable.

Building leases, for the State of West Virginia, are also processed through the Contract Audit Section. Lease agreements are reviewed for compliance with leasing guidelines set forth by the Department of Administration’s Leasing Division.

General Audit

General Audit reviews requisitions for payment in accordance with Title 155; Series 1 Standards for Payment Issued by the State Officers of the Auditor. General Audit Section reviews requisitions for multiple document types such as Grants, Utilities, Revenue Refunds and other requisitions within their agency delegated authority.

Electronic Invoicing

The West Virginia State Auditor issues standards for electronic invoicing. We have reduced the pushing of paper, improved the payment workflow and enhanced document retention and retrieval capabilities across the board.

 Daily Reporting of Payment Processing


Work Area Date Received
CONTRACT/PO/GRANTS (PRM/PRC) 06/12/2024 06/13/2024
GENERAL AUDIT (GAX) 06/12/2024 06/13/2024
06/12/2024 06/13/2024
HIGHWAYS (GAX) 06/13/2024
RENTS (GAX) 06/13/2024